About Lily

Lily Raphael

Class of 2024, Year 2 in Research Program


Lily is focused on the nervous system responsible for the motion of insects. Currently, they are learning how to use Backyard Brain’s RoboRoach Kit. By implanting electrodes into the cockroach’s antenna, they will be able to control the turning direction of the cockroach through electrical shocks. They intend to use the ability to control the motion of the cockroaches in additional experiments. They perform the surgery on Madagascar hissing cockroaches, halloween hisser cockroaches, death head cockroaches, and discoid cockroaches. Lily has many interests and is open to exploring a wide variety of topics as they enjoy any opportunity to learn more about the world around them. Outside of research, they enjoy doing art and they are a part of their school’s tech crew.

Madagascar hissing cockroach that has undergone the full surgery. An electrode implanted in each antenna and one grounded in its thorax.


Lily can be reached through their email: lraphael@princetonk12.org