Victoria Odole, PHS Researcher


Victoria Odole is a high school junior that enjoys science.

Victoria is a part of the research team at Princeton High School, and her focus is on neuroscience. This school year is her first year on the research team, but she took on a role as a second-year researcher because she knew from the start what her passion was. She loves learning about the human brain, and even insect brains so she could try to find patterns, gain more knowledge about how the brain functions, and apply them to her study of it. She’s accustomed to being able to deal with change, being that she switched schools 9 times in her lifetime, which makes her a fun lab partner because if an experiment fails, she’d think of new ways to maneuver. She loves being able to tackle challenging things, and whenever things get hard for her she strives to get past it. She’s a huge people person and she’s aspiring to be a neurosurgeon!

Contact Information:

Phone Number +1 347-(698)-3373