Phineas Collins

My name is Phineas Collins and I am a Sophomore at Princeton High School. I am very interested in magnetism and magnets, and hope to work with them or in an area related to them as I move through college and beyond. In addition to doing the research program and researching magnets, I play piano, sing, and run cross country and track.

My research project is definitely going to be centered around magnets, though I haven’t totally decided on the specifics just yet. Currently, I am thinking about doing my project on how chemical bonding can affect the magnetic properties of certain materials. For example, iron is a strongly ferromagnetic material (it is sort of in the name), but iron oxide, or rust, is not ferromagnetic. I hope to learn more about how chemical bonds affect different materials, and use that knowledge to make stronger magnets. Obviously, acquiring materials for this project would be somewhat difficult, so I may have to change it, but as things stand right now, that is where I would like to go with my project.