Ren Gono

Sophie (Ren) Gono

Princeton High School Sophomore


Hi, my name is Ren and I’m a sophomore at Princeton High School. I’m very interested in studying psychology and I plan on that being my major in college. I’ll be taking sociology as well as anatomy/physiology in my junior year to get me on the right track. Currently I play two sports, track and field hockey and I hope to continue with field hockey through my college career.


For my research project at PHS I’m trying to study how positive (and possibly even negative) self-talk affect the performance of student athletes in their sports. As a student athlete myself, I know the struggle of motivating yourself and being able to bounce back in a game or a race after messing up. Knowing this my goal with this project is to see if positive self-talk actually has a positive impact on performance.

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If you have any questions regarding myself or my project please get in touch with me through my school email: