William Ponder

Hello, my name is William Ponder.

I am a Year-1 within the Princeton High School Research Program and I am currently planning to study the mental health programs that take place in various schools around the world and its affect on students. Currently I am working on a saltwater aquaponics project and I cannot wait to see how far I will progress over the next 3 year of research.

Saltwater Aquaponics

This project is about growing plants within saltwater and having shrimp waste used as a fertilizer to help the plants grow. This works as a cycle since the nutrients that the fish/shrimp put into the water allow for the surrounding plants to be able to grow. This is relevant because it allows humanity to be able to utilize the vast amounts of saltwater in order to make a system allowing to birth new life leaving many more people able to benefit n the Earth’s natural resources. 

Saltwater Aquaponics Group