Year One (Class of 2023)

While students in their first year are begin their research journey, many fascinating projects are being developed around bacteriophage therapy for infections, the genetics of box turtles, the use of insect frass (poop) as a fertilizer and fungicidal agent, the relationship between nitrogen-fixing bacteria and their host plants, the use of “big data” for a variety of investigations, and the evolution of lizards across the United States. We also have high hopes for our first particle physics partnership with Princeton University and continued research into sleep and the mysterious intelligence of slime molds. Students are also involved in several collaborative investigations; click on the icons below to learn more!

Student Survey on Stress and Course Load

Project SWARM (Big Data from Antarctica)

Duckweed Genetics (in Partnership with Rutgers University Waksman Institute)

The Abundance and Diversity of Different Frog Species Among Local Populations

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