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Sarah presents her work on microevolution of feral rock pigeons at the Wilson Ornithological Society.

Year Three (Class of 2021)

Students in the third year of our program focus primarily on completing their investigations, analyzing data, and presenting their research in competitions and professional societies related to their topic of interest. They may also mentor first-year students with their knowledge and expertise.

Matthew seeks to lower the carbon footprint of insect agriculture and promote entomophagy.

Year Two (Class of 2022)

Second-year students are busy with implementing the research plan that they have developed, designing experiments, collecting data, and making professional contacts within their field of interest. To say that these students are extremely busy is quite an understatement, but they are doing something that they love.

Students are planning for a wide variety of investigations, from slime molds to lizards!

Year One (Class of 2023)

Students who enter our program learn how to read articles from research journals, statistics, and write both grant proposals and literature reviews. They get their first experiences to work with real data, through a genetics project and climate measurements from Antarctica. Students complete the year ready for independent research!

There is no better education than one that is self-driven

Neil deGrasse Tyson

As the world changes, so must educational paradigms. New careers, new opportunities, and new innovations will all require new approaches to education. In our three-year research program, students have the ability to think critically and creatively about their topic(s) of interest, collaborate with fellow students and experts in a variety of fields, and communicate their findings to the public, professional organizations, plus local and national science fairs and competitions.

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